Have You Gained “Covid Weight”? 

 August 24, 2020

By  Dr. Joy Lasseter

Being cooped up, limited from spending time with friends, having our daily routine flipped upside down, worrying and wondering about our safety, and missing socializing, can all affect our appetite. With everything in chaos, we automatically reach for comfort foods. 

Do you know why they are called comfort foods? Eating starches, carbohydrates and sweets change our brain chemistry! Our body produces serotonin which temporarily makes us feel calmer, relaxed, and improves our mood. But the chaos didn’t stop! So, we keep eating comfort foods to feel better. And it works every time!

So, “What’s wrong with that?” you ask.  I did say “temporarily.” After you eat comfort foods your body stores those carbohydrates as fat! And it becomes belly fat, which, as we know, is so hard to lose! 

Our body was designed to burn fat as fuel for energy. If you look at our ancient ancestors’ diet, they were hunter-gatherers. It was quite a while before they started settling in one place and building simple structures. It took even longer to learn how to domesticate animals and grow, harvest, and prepare food from grains and legumes. Those foods are not easily digested. Compare that to the more nutrient-rich diet of the hunter-gatherers, which included vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds, roots, and wild game (when they could find it).

The Paleo and Keto diets will help you take off some of those COVID Pounds! I have switched back to eating more vegetables, nuts, and seeds, fruit, and protein drinks to lose my unwanted 7 pounds. It sneaks on so quickly! Weigh yourself once a week, first thing before breakfast. This will prevent scale shock when you only weigh once every few months. Catch the gain and turn it around fast! Ignoring it does not make it go away… oh I wish. (Grin!)

Salads with protein added are great for the hot weather. No need to heat up the kitchen. See my salad recipes in my last issue.

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