Holistic Nutrition: I AM Free to live the life I choose!

  • Whole Life Transformation
    True health and wellbeing isn't just about the foods you eat and the exercise you get.  It has to do with your entire environment, your sleep, stress coping abilities, mental clarity, intake of water, oxygen and fresh air!  And don't forget food nutrients and nutraceutical formulas, your emotional wellbeing...and yes, Your Goals.
  • Not All Nutrition is Created Equal
    What may work for your family member, your friends, your doctors, is not necessarily what works for you.  And so many people are needlessly suffering because they actually have "unknown" food allergies.  Discover the true path to YOUR unique health and total wellbeing.
  • Excited, Empowered...JOYFUL
    Like a wind chime, when you create movement in one, ALL things move.  Everything is Connected.  Get rid of the obstacles and the "should's", get the tools, support and actions to LIVE YOUR JOY!
  • Are you: Unable to Focus, Have Poor Memory, Mental Fog, Tired or Low Energy?
  • Are you:  Confused about what to do to fix the problem?  Can't do what you used to do, feeling overwhelmed?
  • Are You:  Stressed About Daily Activites, Unable to Look Forward, Can't Get Out of a Self-Defeating Cycle?
  • HAVE YOU: Tried Doctors, Prescritpions, Diets, Exercise Routines, Other Wellness Programs...with NO Results?!?
  • YOUR NEXT STEP:  Schedule your free Discovery Call with Dr. Joy, to see if her personal, whole life transformation system is right for you.  With 27 years as a holistic nutritionist and .  TOGETHER we CAN absolutely bring you back to the life of living your dreams.  You Deserve It!



Personalized one-on-one

This is Dr. Joy's life's work.  A culmination of almost 30 years as a Holistic Nutritionist.  Designed specifically for those you are ready to transform their life, and free themselves from limiting health conditions, stress, fatigue, mental fog, confusion and self-defeating cycles.  

For 8 weeks, meeting via Zoom at your scheduled time we cover:

Personalized Assessment, Goals & Commitments, what is Health, Shopping - reading labels, meal planning & food prep, Creating Menu Plans & Tracking Routines, Moving Your Body, Stress and the Total Body Effect, Lifestyle Balance - feeling JOY is Essential, and Longevity Tips - How to Grow Younger and Stronger.

Special Add-Ons:

- Support Partner/Spouse Package

- Food Allergies with Children

- Or Special Family Need

Joyful Living Group


Signature Program with peer support

Powerful things manifest when we journey together with others, all focused on the same outcomes and goals.  Discover your path to optimal wellbeing, energy, clarity and  empowerment.  

Join in 1 hour each week on Thursdays.  

Topics:  What is Health?, What Does Your Body Need?, Protecting Your Health?, Shopping for Food, *Special Suprise Bonus to Celebrate your HALF WAY THERE SUCCESS!, Exercise to Get Toned, Stress & Lifestyle Balance, Building Immunity, AND Clarify Challenges & Celebrate Successess!

Schedule Your Free 15min. Discovery Call

Let Dr. Joy, the Nutrition Detective™, help you uncover what Joyful Living looks like - Just For You!

The Featured Services

The Nutrition Detective and Recurring Health Issues

The power of Dr. Joy, the Nutrition Detective, GET CLARITY on Your Discovery Call. She has an incredible wisdom, skill and experience to see in just moments the path right for YOUR HEALHT.  Give your body the nutrients it needs to correct the imbalance and discover the foods and lifestyle that best support YOUR unique body.

Custom Food Plans

Defined for YOUR unique eating preferences and lifestyle.  Dr. Joy carefully crafts, with you, the needed nutrients, supplements, intakes and pay special attention to Allergy requirements.


Eating organic food alone is not enough.  With all of the toxins, poor nutrient levels and busy lifestyles, we want our bodies to achieve TOTAL Wellbeing.  I suggest some of the functional and medical food formulas from Metagenics to assist undernourished bodies to return to balance, vibrant health and vitality naturally.

Speaking, Seminars & Workshops

I teach annual workshops from gardening, soil to fork to emergency preparedness.  I also present talks on everything from Nutrition for Your Heart, to Allergies, Managing Stress and Improving Memory and many more.  You can contact Dr. Joy to discuss professional seminars that is tailored to the needs of your employees and staff.