Recurring health issue?

Give your body the nutrients it needs to correct the imbalance.

Custom Food Plans

designed for your unique eating preferences and lifestyle.


Selected medical food formulas to support you in reaching your healthy balance.

Professional seminars

tailored to the specific needs of your employees and staff.

Learn How To Eat Healthy Without Changing Your Busy Lifestyle

Confused about what to eat? Feeling overwhelmed? Let me help.

Simple, customized programs show you how to balance your meal plan (nutrient intake), exercise program (build strength) and enjoy life (overall well-being).

Having Trouble Finding a Nutritious Balance?

You’re Not Alone. And I’m Here to Help!

Erratic eating habits, food cravings, and indulgences, poor assimilation or elimination can all affect our nutritional balance. First, we build a good foundation with a customized menu plan. Then I suggest some of the functional and medical food formulas from Metagenics to assist undernourished bodies to return to balance, vibrant health and vitality naturally.


How I can Help

I look at your whole lifestyle: food, exercise, stress, sleep, mental focus, digestion, energy, stamina, elimination and balance.

One area could be causing imbalance in other areas. Together we bring your whole health back into balance.

Menu Plan & Food Prep

Food Allergies

Nutrient Evaluation

Optimum Weight

Stress Management

Bone & Joint Health

Heart Health

Digestion Issues

Restful Sleep

Emotional Eating

Healthy Brain

Reoccurring Symptoms

Finding a Balance Can Be Hard, but Eating Healthy Doesn’t Have To Be

My Tips and Tricks to make meals easier and snacks portable will help you balance your blood sugar, food cravings and low
energy valleys. Get back on the road to peak performance.

About Dr Joy

For over 25 years I have helped my clients to naturally balance their body systems using:

  • real food
  • simple recipes
  • practical lifestyle changes
  • educated food choices
  • sensible exercise
  • balanced lifestyle tips
  • Metagenics functional and medical food supplements, when needed

I listen to you and customize your wellness program to your unique needs.

My Approach

I am a holistic practitioner. What does that mean? All our organs, systems, mind and emotions are intricately connected. Dysfunction in one area affects other areas as our incredible body tries to adjust and adapt to the imbalance. Therefore I address the whole person.

I look at your whole lifestyle and your current challenges. Together we explore what preceded your issues with an eye toward the cause. Then we make gentle course corrections to bring your whole health back into harmony, at your own pace.

My Process

Like a detective I gather information about your diet, symptoms, complaints, past travel destinations, previous exposures to harmful substances, physical stress and emotional trauma, surgeries and current challenges. From this data I design your unique Nutrition Program.

I empower you to make healthy lifestyle changes. My tools are food choices, movement/ exercise preferences, medical food supplements (if needed), attitude shifts, habit correction, focused action steps, and followup support to reach your health and wellness goals.

My Story

I suffered for years since childhood with ailments that doctors and medications did not correct. My family ate organically grown foods, yet I was always sick. Later in life I learned I had food allergies. Stress and overwork caused a burnout in competitive commissioned sales.

A Holistic Nutritionist helped me to recover. After following her program I felt 20 years younger, lost weight and got my brain back! I was so inspired by my transformation I wanted to help others. I earned Masters and Doctorate degrees in Holistic Nutrition. I’ve practiced for 25+ years

How to Plan Meals

by Dr Joy Lasseter, Ph.D.



“Chuck grew up on a dairy farm. Now a salesman he was very overweight, had trouble walking and breathing. When he told me he was drinking a gallon of milk a day I suspected he might be allergic to milk. His tests came back positive. After taking him off the milk and tweaking a few other foods in his usual daily menu he began to lose weight, regain stamina and began breathing easier. The next time I ran into him in a store I didn’t even recognize him! He was slender, vital and enthusiastic!”

Chuck W.

“Joann was literally brought in to see me. She was so thin, frail and weak that she had to be supported on both sides by friends. Her issue was chronic diarrhea so bad she had to always stay close to a bathroom. She could not take her children to school, attend any of their games or programs or go on family vacations. After working with her for a while to restore balance to her gut she gradually gained weight and was able to leave the house for longer periods. Then later in the year I received a postcard from Hawaii. She was on her first family vacation!”

Joann C.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn How it Works!

Q. What's wrong with the foods I normally eat?

A. Commercially grown, processed, shipped and packaged foods are often lower in vital nutrients for our health than locally grown and delivered organic produce, dairy products, fish, fowl and meats, beans, nuts and seeds.

Q. I have taken supplements before and they didn't work. What is different about the ones you recommend?

A. Many cheap supplements are made from ingredients that are difficult to digest. Our body cannot absorb what is in that product. Metagenics medical and functional foods are specifically designed for greater absorption and use natural food concentrates to restore balance. There are over 300 formulas targeted to specific health needs. I am trained to know which one would work best for my client. I have been using them for myself and my clients for over 25 years with excellent results..

Q. I don't like to cook. Can you work with me?

A. I have several clients who are too busy to cook or never learned how. You can buy foods that are healthy and prepared. Or if your work requires travel I will teach you which restaurants and menu items are best for you.

Q. How do you work with people?

A. By phone, in person or by Zoom online.

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