Dr. Joy Lasseter, Ph.D. is a Holistic Nutritionist, Motivational Speaker & Author.

Living Joyfully

Dr. Joy is Living Proof that an Active & Joyful lifestyle with Zero Medications
is not just possible but how we all could be living... THRIVING!

What we do

There is nothing you cannot acheive, you can reach your goals and live your dreams.

Many people feel frustrated and hopeless due to low energy, brain fog, indigestion, insomnia, and/or weight issues.

That's why Dr. Joy has created a Whole Being Transformation system that looks at your emotional well-being, physical & eating activities, lifestyle, stress coping skills and whole system nutrition.

When you get your body energized, your digestion balanced, and your brain comes back online you are unstoppable!

The Nutrition Detective

"Holistic Nutrition isn't just about the food you eat or how much water you drink, but the quality of life, your environment, your psychology, and mind, that's why they call me the Nutrition Detective" - Dr. Joy, Holistic Nutritionist

Organic Lifestyle

Beyond organics, this is Whole Being Transformation and Wellness.  From Garden to Plate, Gardening, Recipes, Mindfulness and Lifestyle support to Dr. Joy's Joyful Living™ Programs, there's an organic life for everyone!

Joyful Freedom

Clarifying Challenges and Celebrating Successes!  Understanding true health, stress & lifestyle balance, prevention, and immune support to discovering what YOUR body truly needs.  Freedom to thrive in the life you desire awaits!

Learn how to eat healthy by making simple changes to Your lifestyle.

Feeling overwhelmed?  Confused about what is REALLY going on?  Or what to eat?  Simple, customized programs show you how to balance your nutrition intake, build strength and enjoy optimal wellbeing.

Dr. Joy's Joyful Living™ ProgramS

Have you tried doctors, prescriptions, weight loss plans? Or all of these with no results? Dr. Joy can tell you exactly what you need to be looking at. She has created a Whole Life Transformation system to get you energized, balanced, and back to living a JOYFUL Life! CHOOSE either the Joyful Living Program, a personalized 1-on-1, Eight week system, OR the Joyful Living Group.  Additional Add-on Packages for Support Partner/Spouse, Food Allergies with Children, or Convertible Recipes (for people with food allergies). Discover Joyful Health with Dr. Joy, Holistic Nutritionist.

Customized Food Plans

Enjoy eating again!

Don't cook?  Eat out frequently?  Travel for business? 

Experiencing food allergies or indigestion? 

Tried many other things but haven't looked at your nutrition?  

We will do a total wellness assessment to create a customized food plan that reflects your specific needs.


The supplements I work with are science-based, nutraceutical formulas. They help shift body chemistry toward greater health and function using natural ingredients. There are over 300 product formulas that are only available through doctors and nutritionists trained in their use. I recommend certain formulas to help my clients lose weight, increase energy, improve digestion, balance blood sugar, end cravings, control weight, and improve mental clarity!

Workshops & Speaking

Dr. Joy is a professional speaker, author, and presenter. Fun and lively hands-on workshops for the modern family to advancing cultures. Her well known annual workshop for gardening and emergency preparedness training are available online.  Dr. Joy presents on several topics from nutritional health, food allergies, mental focus, and energy to emotional wellbeing. She uses state of the art educational tools and the latest scientific data and research. Dr. Joy loves creating programs specifically tailored to your group, organization, employees, and staff.

why This is my Purpose

 I suffered for years since childhood with ailments that doctors and medications did not correct. My family ate organically grown foods, yet I was always sick. Later in life I learned I had food allergies. Stress and overwork caused burnout in competitive commissioned sales.

A Holistic Nutritionist helped me to recover. After following her program I felt 20 years younger, lost weight and got my brain back! I was so inspired by my transformation I wanted to help others. I earned Masters and Doctorate degrees in Holistic Nutrition, and have been practicing for 27+ years.  My joy comes from helping others transform their lives.

I’ve been there...

 You're not alone, and I'm here to help.

We want to bring Joyful Living and Freedom

Are you feeling stressed about daily activities?  Poor memory, unable to focus, tired or low energy?  Can't do what you used to?  Stuck in a self-defeating cycle and confused about what to do to fix the problem?  Begin the journey to whole being transformation with Dr. Joy's Joyful Living™ Programs.


What they say

Chuck W.

“Chuck grew up on a dairy farm. Now a salesman he was very overweight, had trouble walking and breathing. When he told me he was drinking a gallon of milk a day I suspected he might be allergic to milk. His tests came back positive. After taking him off the milk and tweaking a few other foods in his usual daily menu he began to lose weight, regain stamina and began breathing easier. The next time I ran into him in a store I didn’t even recognize him! He was slender, vital and enthusiastic!”

Joann C.

“Joann was literally brought in to see me. She was so thin, frail and weak that she had to be supported on both sides by friends. Her issue was chronic diarrhea so bad she had to always stay close to a bathroom. She could not take her children to school, attend any of their games or programs or go on family vacations. After working with her for a while to restore balance to her gut she gradually gained weight and was able to leave the house for longer periods. Then later in the year I received a postcard from Hawaii. She was on her first family vacation!”

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