All Carbohydrates Are Not Alike 

 December 2, 2020

By  Dr. Joy Lasseter


When we are confused, feel sad, are lonely or feel stressed

we instinctively reach for carbohydrates.

They give us a quick energy supply and raise our “feel good” brain chemicals.

So what is wrong with that? The effect is only temporary (about 30 minutes).

When it wears off we go back to eat more carbohydrates.

In fact, if not careful, we could be eating carbohydrates all day long!

Have you noticed that most snack foods are refined carbohydrates?

And they are available at every grocery, gas station, department store and retail store.

And they are strategically placed near the checkout? That is no accident! It’s an ambush!


Carbohydrates do give us temporary energy, but virtually no essential nutrients!

And they are quick and easy. No cooking or preparation.

But if we become “carboholics” our lopsided diet

crowds out our hunger for the essential nutrient foods.

We need these to supply our body with all the protein, healthy fat, fiber,

vitamins and minerals it needs to maintain optimum health.


I experienced this in my twenties. So I know how seductive it can be to just grab

snacks and not have to spend any time in the kitchen cooking and washing dishes.

But the price we pay in loss of health and function is just not worth it.

As our body struggles to perform at maximum efficiency without all the nutrients

it needs we start to notice: loss of energy, apathy, fading mental focus, poor memory,

sadness, withdrawal, depression, weight gain, aversion to exercise, and eventually,

the diseases associated with obesity or nutrient deficiency: heart disease, Diabetes,

some forms of cancer, joint problems, etc.


So what is the difference between the snack foods

and healthy carbohydrates found in nature?  


Unhealthy Carbohydrates contain processed foods that have added preservatives

(for shelf life), artificial flavoring, food coloring, texturizers, emulsifiers, salt, sugar, etc.

Cut down on the unhealthy carbohydrates: desserts, candy, corn chips, potato chips and

food made from grains (cookies, bread, pasta, cake, pie, pastries) and high in calories.

These foods can put pounds on and cause food cravings.

You keep eating more because your body didn’t get essential nutrients!


Healthy Carbohydrates include unprocessed rice, root vegetables, beans, fruit,

green and colorful vegetables, tree nuts (peanuts are a legume). Eat hearty soups

and stews with beans and vegetables to feel satisfied.

Enjoy casseroles, pasta dishes, salads, roasted root vegetables, InstaPot meals and more.

You won’t have to spend hours in the kitchen when appliances can cook your meals for you

while you are doing something else!

Increase consumption of these healthy carbohydrate foods that also provide

essential protein, healthy fat, vitamins, minerals and fiber.

They are fresh and brimming with natural goodness for taste and vital nutrients.

Eat fresh fruit as your dessert.


Tip: Eat fiber, healthy fat and protein together to satisfy hunger.

Then you stop eating! When you are satisfied on less calories, you naturally start shedding weight.

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