Dr. Joy’s Joyful Pleasures: Pamper Time With a DIY Project

What is more relaxing than a tub soak? They are especially wonderful if you have sore muscles from over exertion. It is also a great stress reliever! If I have had a difficult day I take my tub soak before bedtime. Then I sleep like a baby!

Did you know you can make your own unique bath salts? I’m giving you the standard recipe. Or make your own special version with the options you choose. Be creative. Keep track of the fragrances you use. When you find one you really like write it out as a recipe. You might want to make extra batches of your favorite combination to give as a gift. This recipe makes about 5 cups. You will need 5 jelly jars of 1 cup size.

Preparation: Wash and dry some small jars with screw on lids. Mason jelly jars work well for this project.

Basic Recipe:

3 cups plain (unscented, uncolored) Epsom salts

1 cup coarse sea salt

1/2 cup baking soda


Add 20 drops total of your favorite essential oils for fragrance.

(lavender, bergamot, rose, eucalyptus, orange, grapefruit, lemon, chamomile, juniper, pine, fir, mint)

Mix ingredients in a large bowl. 

Fill small jelly jars with the mixture (about 1 cup per container).

This recipe can be stored up to 6 months in air tight container.

Relax, Enjoy and share with your friends!

Dr. Joy’s Myths Busters: Wear a Mask … Save a Life!

With the 2 week incubation period of this virus we don’t know who’s life we are saving. But it is important to remember that we are saving lives by following the scientific facts, not the big network, national television news broadcasts or social media opinions. This is not political. This is not Republican vs. Democrat. This is not a hoax. This is not an infringement on our rights. This is medical science. Following the guidelines saves lives.


How to get accurate data on the spread of the virus:

Clark County experienced 40 new cases on Wednesday, July 2. That is the highest  number of daily new cases since the beginning of Covid 19 in our area last March! That is up from an average of 7 cases a day. (KGW8 local news)

The majority of sudden upsurges in our states have been tracked to younger adults attending group events (bars, restaurants, beaches, unauthorized public events) without masks or social distancing. For a map of Covid 19 United States Cases by Counties from Johns Hopkins University Medicine. coronavirus.jhu.edu/map.html

On the global arena the United States is still leading with 2,333,232 cases and 129,192 deaths. Cases by Countries from Johns Hopkins University: Covid 19 Dashboard by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering.  coronavirus.jhu.edu/map.html


It takes a community to fight the World’s Worst Pandemic in History! So quit whining, rebelling, complaining and blaming. Let’s Stand Together in Solidarity with doctors, researchers and scientists around the globe.  Let’s Stop This Virus!

Want a Change of Scene? Mexico!

Tired of the humdrum routine? Spice it up with a virtual trip to Mexico. 


Prepare your patio to set the scene. 

Arrange chairs in small groupings for conversation. 

Toss some bright throw pillows on a wicker loveseat and some chairs. 

Use colorful, striped cloth to cover over any odd chairs to match the theme (from a fabric store). 

For décor use tissue paper flowers and sombreros on a backdrop wall. (Google: How to make Mexican paper flowers.)

Table décor: Put vases full of bright flowers on colorful tablecloths. 

Hang colorful tissue paper cutout squares on a clothes line like flags. Tie rope to 2 posts. 

String some small, white, lights for a night party. (google Mexican patio party)

Select Mexican music for background ambiance. 


Apparel suggestions 

Ladies can wear a loose fitting, long dress or colorful striped skirt with white blouse and shawl.  

Guys can wear black jeans or pants with bright shirt, striped or solid color, sombrero optional. 


Set up your grill away from the seating and serving area to prevent smoking the guests when the breeze changes directions. Place a side table nearby for all your grilling tools. It will need space for the platter to put the cooked food on when pulling it from the grill. Keep a spray bottle of water handy to douse flareups. Make sure the grill master has company and help!


Mexican Menu Ideas

You can create a light menu or a large feast. (Google: simple Mexican recipes.) 

Set up a simple taco bar with all the trimmings. (Google: simple taco bar.)

Choose meat and vegetarian entrees. 

Grill a variety of colorful vegetables. Soak wood skewer in water. Then insert lengthwise in the corncob for a handle. (Google: Mexican grilled recipes.) 

Serve a Mexican beverage with the meal to complete the menu. (Google: easy Mexican beverages.) Enjoy Horchata, Michelada, Paloma cocktail and Aqua Fresca (non-alcoholic.) 


Dr. Joy’s Joyful Pleasures: Favorite Fourth Foods That Meet the Safety Requirements


Happy Fourth of July!  Try some of my favourite holiday Golden Recipes!

Grilled chicken or beef (Individual serving size pieces) Add your favorite BBQ sauce.

Grilled vegetables: Baste with oil and grill. (Cut in long, wide strips, de-seed) red peppers, Japanese eggplant, yellow squash, asparagus, large mushrooms, Zucchini squash, thick sliced rounds of red onion, carrots, scallions (cut off roots).  

Grilled corn on the cob (Add lime juice, salt and chili powder for flavor)

Roasted whole Russet potatoes (Pierce skin and potato, roll in oil, then salt. Bake in foil 1 hour

on grill then grill unwrapped 30 minutes.)


Bake a sheet cake in kitchen oven ahead of time.

Spread white icing smoothly on top.

Create stars and stripes with sliced red strawberries and whole blueberries. Be creative!

Send me a photo of your cake. I might choose yours to post on my blog!


Serve these foods as described in my article “How to Plan Your Fourth of July Event…”

Dr, Joy’s Myths Busters: How To Plan Your July 4th Event To Include Covid19 Guidelines

Recently there have been large spikes of Covid19 cases in many parts of the world and here at home. This year your gatherings will look a little different. Also, Please follow the recommendations for your state and county regarding safety from the Covid19 virus. 

Here is an easy party guide to follow:

Even if you are gathering with family and close friends, you don’t know which one of them might have unknowingly been exposed to the virus. You don’t want any of your guests to accidentally become infected. So ask everyone to please wear masks or bandanas, social distance and wash their hands frequently. Have a place for them to wash their hands outdoors in the party area. Ask you guests not to bring a gift or food to share with everyone. Exercise extreme caution.

Arrange for guests to come straight from their car into your backyard. Keep them out of the house. Set up seating to accommodate the 6 foot spacing. Hold your event outdoors. Plan the group size according to your local restrictions. Place hand sanitizers on each table. Bring a zip lock bag with your name on it to put your mask in while you are eating. Then remember to put it back on when you finish your meal. 

If it rains have a tent set up with open flaps for fresh air, to keep the food and everyone dry, or cancel the event. Don’t bring the party in the house.

Fourth of July Serving Tips: 

Avoid serving dips with vegetables or chips (too many people handling the food). No shared condiments or finger foods. Avoid self serve buffet where people would be breathing on the food as they serve themselves. Have one person serve the food to the guests including buns, bread, etc. with long handled tongs. A server can come pour beverages into guests’ glasses at the table. 

Make sure utensils, plates and napkins are already set on the tables including dessert plate and fork or spoon. 

It might be better to serve on paper plates with paper cups, then put them in a large garbage bag and straight to the garbage bin. Don’t bring them into the house! 

Enjoy seeing and talking to your family and friends while practicing safety.

Happy Fourth!

*Some of these ideas are from Kristin Salaky, news editor at Delish.com. Thanks Kristin!