The Myth that Growing Food is Hard

Some people think growing food is hard. I used to believe that. I would plant and plant, year after year. But I never got much of a harvest. Many of the plants died. Needless to say, I was very disappointed and frustrated. My mom had grown our vegetables and fruit for years. Why couldn’t I grow anything?

There are rules to every activity. I never paid much attention to mom’s methods. I just enjoyed the produce. Well let’s bust that myth so you can grow food too! 

Before you plant check with the county department of agriculture where you live for gardening information suitable for your climate, latitude, weather patterns and soil conditions.

Plants need 3 key things to thrive: sunshine, water and nutrient rich soil. 

What you will learn for your local area is when to plant. That will be determined by the date of the last frost. The soil type will tell you what kind of soil amendments you will need to prepare your garden. 

Select the types of foods you want to grow then check to see if the growing season is sufficient for each type. If you want to plant from seed consult a seed germination chart. If you plant seedlings (also called starters) then you will be about a month or more quicker to harvest time. 

Gardening teaches you patience. Think of this project as an adventure. Get the whole family involved. (Best way to get the children to eat their vegetables. Grownups too!) Serve your fresh produce at meals when it is ready to harvest. You will be exercising, eating healthier and feeling better soon!

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The Myth that Growing Food is Hard
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