Managing Stress During Trying Times

When we find ourselves in a game of life where all the rules suddenly changed it’s time to re-evaluate our skills, choices and adaptability! Since the social restrictions, virus statistics and economic forecasts are constantly changing, we need to focus on what people need, and what we have (skill or product) that could fill that need.  What is keeping us from doing this? Fear of the unknown and stress from worry. To be realistic, we need to stop hoping things get back normal. That was our old life. How do we want to create our new life?

First: Let’s look at what we are learning from this experience. Have a family meeting and share this exercise with your spouse and children. Ask them what new normal would look like to them. What skills do they have? What creative ideas do they have for new income? In some families the children are more adept with computers than the adults. Can they help you pivot to an online marketing of a family member’s products or knowledge? When a child, teen, or young adult shares an idea, don’t put it down because it has never been done before. Inventors are successful because their idea had never been done before!

Second: Stop binge watching, over-eating, sitting around waiting for something to change. Use this time to clear clutter, fix or dump broken things, finish projects, organize a home office or explore and test some new income ideas. 

Working together

Be careful not to leap into some scheme about buying or selling something you know nothing about. Scammers prey on people during hard times. Research, get expert opinions, talk to people already doing that work, selling that product, etc. 

Mom do you have a special recipe that everyone raves about? Many new food products started that way. Dad do you have the skill to make something useful in your workshop that people need right now? Do the children have an online game they invented to market?

Third: And this really should be number one… Get healthier and maintain it. Create a way to keep fit now when gyms are closed. Lose those extra pounds. Plant a vegetable and fruit garden. Grow extra zucchini squash and make zucchini bread to sell. Or make and sell your best tomato sauce from your home grown organic tomatoes and herbs. (Calculate costs so that you make a profit. Be sure to follow all the food handlers guidelines and check to see if you need a permit.)

Stress can be managed by focusing on productive activities and forgetting worry. It doesn’t help improve anything anyway! Keep your eyes and ears open for new needs… that’s an opportunity! Have a family gathering every evening to discuss your progress, problem solve, and celebrate successful ideas or sales! Don’t stay up late in front of the tv drinking and eating, trying to numb out. It muddles your brain. Early to bed, early to rise. Restful sleep will help you feel calm and relaxed. Working on projects will give you purpose. 

Welcome to your new life. Create it the way that satisfies and fulfills you. Work done with joy brings rewards for giver and receiver.

Managing Stress During Trying Times

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