Joyful Pleasures Reaching Inner Calm


In this time of uncertainty and change I find myself looking to the simple pleasures of a fragrant spring flower, a colorful sunset, a warm email from a friend, the majesty of the night sky, a favorite tune on the radio and the gift of time to catch up on my unfinished projects. Working in my garden always calms me and takes my mind off of problems. I can get lost in thought or simply enjoy the activity of the songbirds and the bunny who comes to visit at dusk.

What calms and relaxes you?

We all need mental health breaks from the confusion of these changes in our lifestyle. Choose several activities that help you get back in touch with your inner calm. You may not be able to practice an outdoor activity on a rainy day.

So have an indoor option for calming yourself. Pretend you are the eye of the storm. Serene in the midst of changes all around you. I find this helps me get a bird’s eye perspective of the bigger picture. I am refreshed after my rest and have a better focus for what needs to be done next.

Joyful Pleasures Reaching Inner Calm
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