Dr. Joy's Recipes

Warming Foods for Cold Weather

We love carbohydrates in cold weather because they help keep us warm.
Eat warm foods: cooked entrees, vegetables, root vegetables, rice, quinoa,
beans, soup, stew, casseroles, hot tea and cocoa.

      I enjoy easy, "make ahead of time" stews for lunch or dinner. My favorite are the "meal in a pot" type. Here is my formula. This method allows you to choose according to your tastes and customize your hearty winter stews. You can create several different recipes from this formula so experiment! 
Carbs also help us gain weight. So avoid or limit cereal grains, bread, pasta, biscuits, cookies, cake, crackers, chips, etc.)

     Crockpots save time and avoid stress. I am not giving cooking times because each type is different. Follow the directions for your crockpot.

1 carton of broth for 2 people (chicken, turkey, beef or vegetable)
1 cup of green vegetables per person (broccoli, kale, chard, spinach, green beans, etc.)
1 cup of colorful vegetables per person (squash, bell pepper, tomato, etc.)
I cup of root vegetable per person (carrot, parsnip, beet, rutabaga, turnip, potato, etc.)
1 cup cooked rice or quinoa per person (if uncooked, 1/2 cup and add extra fluid for absorption)
1 can beans per 2 people (kidney, lentil, black eyed peas, etc.) Rinse canned beans before using.
1 teaspoon herbs (Italian or Provence herbs. Or your favorite herb mixture.

     If you are a meat eater add precooked meat at end to warm (or raw meat previously sautéed and browned in skillet to cook in the crock pot with the other ingredients.)

     Make a big pot and enjoy it for several days. This saves time in the kitchen. Refrigerate leftovers between meals. Next time make a different combination of ingredients for variety. Enjoy!

Have a Healthy and Successful New Year!
Dr. Joy