Dr. Joy's Recipes

Warming Foods for Cold Weather

We love carbohydrates in cold weather because they help keep us warm.
Eat warm foods: cooked entrees, vegetables, root vegetables, rice, quinoa,
beans, soup, stew, casseroles, hot tea and cocoa.

Keep these foods to a minimum to avoid weight gain:
bread, pasta, crackers, desserts, cookies and muffins. 

Dress Up Your Vegetables for the Holidays

Red Cabbage - Shred cabbage (1 cup per person) and saute in skillet with a tablespoon or more of olive oil, 1 chopped small sweet onion and a teaspoon or more of balsamic vinegar. Place in serving dish. Garnish with a tablespoon of chopped nuts.
Cauliflower - Prepare small florets (1 cup per person) in steamer basket. When done, but still a little crunchy, remove and place in serving dish. Drizzle with a mixture of olive oil, lime juice, and chopped Italian parsley. Sprinkle with paprika. Toss with 1 rinsed can of red beans for color.
Yellow Squash - Slice small squash (1 cup per person) in rounds. Slice up half that amount in Roma tomatoes. Add some chard leaves torn into bite size pieces. Sauté all in a skillet in olive oil. Stir to prevent over cooking. Place in serving dish. Add a dash or more of your favorite vinaigrette dressing and toss. Garnish with chopped olives.
Broccoli - Steam small florets (1 cup per person) in chicken stock with sliced yellow bell pepper. Don’t over cook. Remove and place in serving dish. Drizzle a dab of fresh lemon juice over them and garnish with pimento strips from a jar.
Mushrooms and Spinach - Slice small mushrooms and saute in skillet with olive oil. Add torn pieces of spinach and 1 Tbsp. water. Add basil and garlic and cover pan to steam. Quickly remove and serve.
Root Vegetable Soup - Put in your crock pot: beef stock (1 cup per person) plus 1 cup for the pot. Cut into cubes one of each: parsnip, rutabaga, turnip, large carrot, and 1 large red potato. Add about 1 tsp. each: cumin, sage, thyme, and a pinch of salt. Cook about 3 hours in crock pot on medium. Check pot hourly to keep beef stock level covering roots. Add more if needed.

Happy Holidays!
Dr. Joy