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Why Do New Year's Resolutions Fail?
Joy Lasseter, Ph.D. Nutritionist, Professional Speaker, Author
     Do you wonder why you don't achieve your resolution goals every January? It is simple, once you understand the process.

     We do many things without thinking. They are called habits and they run our lives. To get a different result we must change our behavior and habits.     Our beliefs can sabotage our efforts. If we don't believe, we can't achieve!

     Have you chosen a goal? Did you commit to it? Did you write down your steps? Are you holding yourself accountable? Are you self disciplined? Are you motivated to achieve your goal? Are you tracking your progress? Have you chosen a reward for the completion?

     Miss any of these steps and you will experience Resolution Fizzle! Yes, your determination fades, you get discouraged and give up. Once again you repeat the pattern of failing. Stop expecting instant results. That is a stumbling block!

     You feel bad about yourself because you let yourself down. So you dive into rich foods, alcohol, movies, spending money, etc. to escape the bad feelings. But you just create more bad feelings when you have a hangover the next day, get your credit card bill or step on the scales. 

     Stop running away from yourself. There is no place to hide? Face your habits and have a good talk with them about which ones are serving you and which ones are sabotaging you. Fire the habits that don't serve your greater good. And praise the habits that do.

     Change your habits, change your life. I did! You can too!

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