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Please read my Why Supplements? tab for information before selecting your product. Each one is targeted for a specific need.

Glutagenics is a great Metagenics Vitamin B Complex product for calming mood swings, keeping the mind sharp and the emotions stable. These nutrients play a key role in so many bodily functions!

Endura is my go-to choice for electrolytes. Not just for running, use it for gardening, gym workouts, hiking, or a mid afternoon pick-me-up instead of a sugar, caffeine or high carbohydrate snack. 2 flavors: Orange or Lemon/Lime.

Ultra Meal Daily Support is a great protein smoothie drink for those rushed mornings. It is also good for a mid afternoon pick me up. It calms my sweet tooth and gives me an energy lift at the same time! I especially like the chocolate choice! Also comes in Mixed Berry flavor.

Wellness Essentials is a family of customized products for those basic nutrients we need to maintain best bodily performance.
Wellness Essentials Men's Vitality is especially designed to supply the unique nutrients that men need.

Wellness Essentials Pregnancy supports a woman from preconception through nursing.

Wellness Essentials Women's Prime supports a woman through menopause and beyond.

Wellness Essentials Healthy Balance provides targeted support for blood sugar balance

Wellness Essentials Active provides targeted support for joints

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