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New Series: Monthly Lunch Hour Nutrition Talk
Dr. Joy's Talk Series from 11:45 to 1:00. Click on the Talk Topics tab for information about future topics!

Tuesday, August 23  - Feed Your Brain for Focus, Concentration and Memory  
Have you noticed your focus, concentration and memory are slipping? Learn some dietary tips and mental exercises to improve your brain function. Talk is from 12 to 1. It is helpful to arrive 15 minutes early. It is essential to RSVP before the date. I need to arrange for enough chairs and handouts which are printed in advance. $20 at the door. Bring your bag lunch or eat before.

Location this month is Dave Frank Insurance, 4001 Main Street, Vancouver, WA. (This is an office building. Please go to conference room 222 on the street level floor. Free parking.)

Joy Lasseter, Ph.D. Nutritionist, Professional Speaker, Author
Creating Wellness with your Food, Lifestyle and Environment Choices

My Mission is to teach health and success principles through delicious, energizing food programs, lifestyle balancing methods, and dynamic mental refocusing techniques. I educate my clients to achieve and maintain their health goals.

"Some people live to eat... anything in sight.

I teach people to eat to live... a long and healthy life!"

My Services

Customized Nutrition Programs for your unique needs and lifestyle

Nutrition Workshops on a variety of health topics, to guide healthy choices

Professional Presentations for the health of your company, club or church

Nutrition Articles with helpful tips for improving your food choices and habits

Exceptional quality medical and functional food supplements at my discount

Are you struggling with a health issue? Contact Dr. Joy for a Customized Nutrition Program.

Common health issues that respond well to changes in diet, lifestyle and environment are recurring: headaches, stomach aches, fatigue, brain fog, gas, bloating, indigestion, insomnia, uncontrolable weight gain, food cravings, stress, mood swings, high blood pressure, poor focus, inability to concentrate, high blood sugar, high cholesterol, skin rashes, food and environmental allergies.

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My Story
I suffered for years with a variety of ailments that doctors and medications could not address. After burning out in a high stress sales job, I went back to school to earn masters and doctorate degrees in Holistic Nutrition and changed careers. In my own search for wellness I learned many natural ways to address and improve my health with simple food, lifestyle and environment changes. I feel healthier now than I have ever felt in my life!  I love helping my clients recover their mental focus, optimum weight, sustained energy, restful sleep, good digestion, strength, and excitement about life.
How can I help you?
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